Lambo Composition

Model was done by Giorgio Luciano, I worked on texture, shader, lighting and composition.

Store Design - Organi

Quick design done in a couple days work.

UNIT Store Visualization

Unit-Store_Vizualisation from Julien Coffin on Vimeo.


Here s a Visualization I did for the company UNIT for there new line of retail shop, one already open in Melbourne. I worked closely with Paul Everest and his team, it was great to work again with Paul who always have a great vision and creativity of what he wants to achieve.

Pontiac Car Render

A render I did of a free 3D Model modeled by "Giorgio Luciano"


Quick render of a free skull model.

3D Tracking

First try at 3D Tracking, I m pretty happy with the result, next step will be larger project.

Dragon-3D Tracking from Julien Coffin on Vimeo.

Dragon01 x264 from Julien Coffin on Vimeo.

Smiley Crowd

Something quick I did for fun, based on "The Claw Crane" By André Holzmeister.

ArchViz - Snow View

This was based from Jose Panadero Design. Made in a day, with 3DS Max and Vray (3.21 min to render) Hope you like it. Thanks for watching.

LRW x264 from Julien Coffin on Vimeo.

UNIT-Alarm Design

Here s one of my latest work, this design was done for the Company "UNIT" The idea was based from the famous painter Dali and his melting clock, but having a digital clock instead. I used 3DS Max - VRAY - AE Thanks for watching

Beasty - Run Cycle

Here s a collaborative work, made by Sam King and myself
Sam King: Concept - Modeling - Texturing
Here s Sam Render
Beasty Comp01 from Julien Coffin on Vimeo.

Myself: Rigging - Animation
Here s my render
Beasty Run Comp01 from Julien Coffin on Vimeo.

Anzac Bridge Visualisation

Anzac Bridge from Julien Coffin on Vimeo.

This was done while I was working at Red Cartel. Persons involve: Lyle Caroll: Ligthing, texturing, comping Myself: Modeling, rigging, animation

Cartoon Boy for Animation

Something I m working on in my spare time.

Run from Julien Coffin on Vimeo.

T-Rex For Sale!!!

There s a great Rig for sale on CG Trader if anyone is interested.

Modern House

Modeled with 3DS Max 2012, Rendered with V-Ray
Comping done with After Effects CS5

8 min Beauty_render  2:30 min Clay_render


One day's work!!!
Softwares used: 3DS Max-After Effects-Photoshop


Untitled from Julien Coffin on Vimeo.

Concept and Image retouching was done by Kim Neale. I modeled, rigged and animated this character in 3ds Max. Render was made with V-ray and then comp in AE


While I was working at Red Cartel we worked in collaboration with Spinefex Group, my job was to remodel and then animate a Dragon on very tight dealines wich was then projected on the biggest University in Moscow (this was the LARGEST VIDEO PROJECTION MAPPIN EVER, recorded in the GUINESS BOOK) with an onsite audience of 300 000

A part of the show can be found here :